Borneo International Innovation Management Convention 2015

Borneo International Innovation Management Convention (BIIMC) is the first convention to be organised in Borneo that will bring together various participants from different business sectors, groups and management levels to discuss and share knowledge and experience about best practices and approaches in managing innovation effectively. Undertaking effective innovation management is becoming crucial than ever due to limited and competitive resources that are needed to promote and enable innovation activities, and create an innovation ecosystem. Creating a successful and self-sustaining innovation ecosystem is the ultimate desire of any organisation as this can generate substantial impact and benefits to the organisation, and ensure its survivability. In this context, the viable and sustainable way to ensure such innovation ecosystem can exist and function effectively, inarguably, is through activities related to managing innovation systematically and effectively. With the on-going global economic turmoil and the recurrent natural disasters, the activities related to managing innovation are vital to ensure limited and competitive resources can be effectively utilized, optimized and are outcome-oriented, i.e., driving and producing innovations, to benefit the targeted and relevant users, customers or stakeholders of these innovations.

The objectives of the convention are three-folds, as follows:

  1. The convention aims to gather various groups of innovation players - innovators, researchers, academia, policy makers, industry players, entrepreneurs, community leaders, non-government organisations and professionals - who share similar interest and views about the importance of doing systematic and effective innovation management, as a viable and sustainable approach in cultivating innovation culture and build a successful and self-sustaining innovation ecosystem.
  2. The conventions aims to serve as a platform where the participants can critically discuss and share views regarding strategic challenges and various dynamics that can play roles to hinder or to serve as catalysts in encouraging and practicing effective innovation management for progress and sustainability.
  3. The convention also aims to showcase innovation and creative products to further stimulate and attract interest about the importance of instilling innovation culture and undertaking effective innovation management towards improving organisational resource efficiency.


Target Participants

·         Innovators, researchers, academia, policy makers, and professionals

·         Participants from public and private sectors, and industry players

·         Entrepreneurs, community leaders and non-government organizations

Organiser :
UNIMAS   JKM Sarawak