The 10th International Conference on Information Technology in Asia (CITA`17) is a premier international conference dedicated to address the advances in Information Technology, which over the years has become a leading interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary forum to bring academia and industry together in exchanging and sharing their most recent innovations, trends, challenges and adopted solutions.

CITA `17 will be held on 23rd – 24th May 2017, with the proposed theme of “Technology Transforming Lives”, emphasising on technologies that are making a difference in the global communities in improving their livelihoods.

CITA `17 will take place in Kuching, the capital of the Malaysian state of Sarawak on the Borneo Island. Kuching is a bustling, diverse city of old colonial buildings and modern towers. It is situated at the banks of the Sarawak River on the North-Western part of the island of Borneo. Kuching is the largest city in the entire island of Borneo and is the fourth biggest city in Malaysia. Along its Sarawak River waterfront is an esplanade with majestic views of 19th century landmarks: The Astana, the former palace of the White Rajahs, and Fort Margherita, a fort built to thwart pirates back in the 1800's.

For CITA `17, we seek research papers that report on new approaches, methods, systems, and solutions to benefit the global communities and their livelihoods. The list of conference tracks can be found inside the Call for Papers, which can be downloaded here.

  • Conference Day 1, May 23rd: Hilton Hotel Kuching

    [ Conference Day 1, May 23rd: Hilton Hotel Kuching ]
    Download Conference Program as PDF

    0800 – 0900
    Lounge Area
    0900 – 1100
    Opening Ceremony
    1100 – 1115
    Tea Break
    1115 – 1200
    Keynote Address #1

    How can agents help humans in designing complex systems?

    Prof. Dr. Kuldar Taveter, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

    Chairperson: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jane Labadin

    1200 – 1300
    Parallel Sessions 1.1
    Ballroom 2
    Chairperson: Dr. Stephanie Chua

    IS Track
    *96 - Achieving Reproducibility Incorporating Service Versioning into Provenance Model
    *70 - Performance of Opinion Summarization towards Extractive Summarization
    *49 - Identification of Personality Traits for Recruitment of Unskilled Occupations using Kansei Engineering Method
    Parallel Sessions 1.2
    Ballroom 3
    Chairperson: Dr. Chai Soo See

    MM Track
    *104 - Automatic Segmentation Measuring Function for Cardiac MR-Left Ventricle (LV) Images
    *93 - Preliminary Experiment Results of Left Ventricular Remodelling Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithms
    *110 - Block Based Image Steganography in Spatial and Frequency Domain
    Parallel Sessions 1.3
    Chairperson: Mdm. Seleviawati Tarmizi

    CT Track
    *44 - Exploration of Linear Wireless Sensor Networks and Simulation Tools for Underwater Pipelines Monitoring Networks
    *39 - A Two-Sided Market Mechanisms Toward Designing a Big Data-Driven Business Model for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).
    *59 - A Review of Highly Efficient Class F Power Amplifier Design Technique in Gigahertz Frequencies
    1300 – 1400
    1400 – 1445
    Keynote Address #2

    Project Management Challenges in Dynamic Business Environment

    Mohamed Shaharuddin Mohamed Izzuddin, UMW Technology Sdn. Bhd.

    Chairperson: Dr. Nadianatra Musa

    1445 – 1545
    Parallel Sessions 2.1
    Ballroom 2
    Chairperson: Dr. Hanani Abang Ibrahim

    IS Track
    *80 - A Methodology for Implementation of Service Learning in Higher Education Institution: A case study from Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, UNIMAS
    *109 - Relationship Analysis of Keyword and Chapter in Malay-Translated Tafseer of Al-Quran
    1- Undergraduate Information Seeking Behaviour Framework in Electronic Environment
    Parallel Sessions 2.2
    Ballroom 3
    Chairperson: Dr. Lim Phei Chin

    MM Track
    28 - Medical Data Classification Using Similarity Measure of Fuzzy Soft Set Based Distance Measure
    51 - Co-creation Tourism Experience in Perceived Usability of Interactive Multimedia Features on Mobile Travel Application
    79 - Evaluation of Different User Input Types In Interactive Segmentation
    Parallel Sessions 2.3
    Chairperson: Dr. Tiong Wei King

    CS Track
    *7 - Population Game Model for Epidemic Dynamics with Two Classes of Vaccine-induced Immunity
    *57 - Enhancer Prediction in Proboscis Monkey Genome: A Comparative Study
    *69 - Evaluating Layout and Clustering Algorithms for Visualizing Named Entity Graph
    1545 – 1600
    Tea Break
    1600 – 1700
    Parallel Sessions 2.1
    Ballroom 2
    Chairperson: Dr. Cheah Wai Shiang

    IS Track
    6 - Preliminary Investigation: Teachers’ Perception on Computational Thinking Concepts

    22 - Evaluating LSTM Networks, HMM and WFST in Malay Part-of-Speech Tagging

    CT Track
    95 - Optimal Number of Nodes Deployment Method in Corona based WSN
    Parallel Sessions 2.2
    Ballroom 3
    Chairperson: Mdm. Nurul Zawiyah Mohamad

    MM Track
    64 - A Comparative Study of the Classification of Skin Burn Depth in Human
    47 - MOOC Videos-Derived Emotions
    8 - Multimodal Brain Tumor Segmentation using Neighboring Image Features
    Parallel Sessions 2.3
    Chairperson: Dr. Phang Piau

    CS Track
    71 - Cost Efficient Scheduling Through Auction Mechanism in Cloud Computing
    54 - Quantifying Critical Parameter in Disease Transmission
    20 - Modelling A Semantic Knowledge Management System for Collaborative Learning
    1900 – 2200
    Conference Dinner


  • Conference Day 2, May 24th: Hilton Hotel Kuching

    [ Conference Day 2, May 24th: Hilton Hotel Kuching ]
    Download Conference Program as PDF

    0900 – 0945
    Keynote Address #3

    Building Digital Economy "Clusters" for Rural Communities

    Prof. Datuk Dr. Khairuddin Abdul Hamid, University Malaysia of Computer Science and Engineering (UniMy)

    Chairperson: Dr. Dyg. Nurfatimah Awg. Iskandar

    0945 – 1000
    Tea Break
    1000 – 1300
    Parallel Sessions 3.1
    Ballroom 2
    Chairperson: Dr. Bong Chih How

    IS Track
    26 - Automatic Phoneme Identification for Malay Dialects
    91 - Service Learning Support for Academic Learning and Skills Development
    100 - A Hybrid Question Answering System based on Ontology and Topic Modeling
    55 - Fuzzy Students’ Knowledge Modelling System through Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy
    68 - Minimizing Human Labelling Effort for Annotating Named Entities in Historical Newspaper
    2 - From E-Government to T-Government: A Malaysian Citizens’ Readiness Study
    46 - Effects of an Online Interactive Multimedia System on Cognitive and Affective Learning
    Parallel Sessions 3.2
    Ballroom 3
    Chairperson: Mr. Rajan Thangaveloo

    CT Track
    107 – A New Zigbee Backoff Approach for Home Healthcare Devices
    108 - Review on Advances Threats in Primary User Emulation Attack and SSDF Attack
    97 - A Discrete Event Simulation of Fair Bandwidth Share Mechanism CHOKe-FS
    10 - Evaluation of Signal Attenuation for Bluetooth, ZigBee and Sound in Foliage
    18 – An Efficiency Evaluation Model for Measuring Mobile Applications Usage
    35 - Formulation of Fuzzy Correlated System for Node Behavior Detection in WSN
    40 - Evaluation and Improvement of Data Availability in WSNs Cluster Base Routing Protocol
    Parallel Sessions 3.3
    Chairperson: Dr. Kartinah Zen

    CT Track
    62 - The Analysis of Low Phase Nonlinearity 3.1-6 GHz CMOS Power Amplifier for UWB System
    103 - Hierarchical Density-based Clustering of Malware Behaviour
    72 – A State-of-The-Art of Cluster Based Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad-Hoc Sensor Network
    61 - CMOS Power Amplifier Design Techniques for UWB Communication: A Review
    60 - A Review of CMOS Low Noise Amplifier for UWB System

    SE Track
    73 – Framework for Measuring the Quality of Software Specification
    99 - Chemistry Modelling and Simulation through Agent Oriented Modelling and Netlogo
    1300 – 1400
    1400 – 1445
    Keynote Address #4

    Provision of Dynamic Knowledge Services for Disaster Management

    Prof. Ghassan Beydoun, UTS, Australia

    Chairperson: Dr. Johari Abdullah

    1445 – 1545
    Parallel Sessions 4.1
    Ballroom 2
    Chairperson: Dr. Sarah Flora Samson Juan

    IS Track
    50 - A Framework for Tracing the Flavouring Information to Accelerate Halal Certification
    11 - Design and Implementation of PIAK: A Personalized Internet Access System for Kids
    65 - Internal Control and Standard Operating Procedures in Malaysian Corporations
    Parallel Sessions 4.2
    Ballroom 3
    Chairperson: Dr. Shapiee Abdul Rahman

    MM Track
    43 - Ensemble of ANN and ANFIS for Water Quality Prediction and Analysis - A Data Driven Approach
    77 - A Comparative Analysis of Feature Detection and Matching Algorithms for Aerial Image Stitching
    67 - An Online Numeral Recognition System Using Improved Structural Features – A Unified Method for Handwritten Arabic and Persian Numerals
    1545 – 1600
    Tea Break
    1600 – 1700
    Best Paper Award Presentation and Closing Ceremony



May 5th, 2017:

The tentative programme for CITA’17 is now released.

Previous announcements.

Apr 6th, 2017:

CITA’17 Dinner will be held as follows:

Day/Date: Tuesday, 23rd May 2017
Time: 7.00pm onwards
Venue: Hilton Hotel, Kuching

All participants are invited to attend. Please spare your time to RSVP CITA’17 Dinner by filling in this form. Arrow

Feb 9th, 2017:
Full paper submission is extended to Feb 15th, 2017.

Jan 24th, 2017:
Papers accepted and presented will be published in a Scopus Indexed Journal: UTEM-JTEC as a Special Issue.


Jan 16th, 2017:
Full paper submission is extended to Feb 1st, 2017.

Nov 14th, 2016:
Call for Papers is released. Download it here

Dec 20th, 2016:
List of Keynote speakers confirmed for CITA '17. View them here

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