International UNIMAS STEM EnCon2018 | 12 - 14 September 2018| Kuching, Sarawak

Keynote Speaker 2 : Mr. Leon Liew Chee Ing

Mr. Leon Liew Chee Ing
Innovation and it’s Impact on the Energy Sector
Fossil fuels—coal, petroleum (oil), and natural gas (concentrated organic compounds found in the Earth’s crust) make modern life possible. These huge sources of energy work to generate power and they make the manufacturing of tens of thousands of commercial goods possible. Fossil fuels have become synonymous with modern industrial society, their potential to solve some of the challenges of everyday existence has been understood throughout history.
Going forward, Technology with Innovation, in its many forms, is the key to a decarbonised energy future. In particular, advances in electric storage and renewable energy are key areas that have the potential to dictate the pace and the scale of the energy transition. Their impact is growing as renewable energy displaces hydrocarbons, particularly oil and coal, in power generation.
In turn, the anticipated improvement in electric storage, notably batteries, has the potential to revolutionise the transport sector as the electric vehicles (EVs) become a viable alternative to petrol and diesel fuelled cars. A record 157 gigawatts of renewable power were commissioned in 2017, up from 143GW in 2016 and far out-stripping the 70GW of net fossil fuel generating capacity added last year.
Global economic growth that both drives energy demand and is directly impacted by energy price volatility remains high on the global agenda. Recent history has shown that falling oil prices have largely failed to boost economic growth in consuming countries but they have had a dramatic impact on the fiscal balances of hydrocarbon-producing countries. Falling energy prices might not boost economic growth but the inverse is true: economic growth does boost energy demand.
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University Technology of Malaysia, recipient of the Royal Education Award from UTM Chancellor, Queen Consort of Johor.
Started the career with Schlumberger in Oil and Gas exploration across the Globe, from Siberia to Middle east, running Seismic, Directional Drilling and Logging services for Drilling and Measurement, successfully completed few world record breaking drilling campaign.
In Schlumberger, held different roles and assignment in Operations, Technical, Business Development and Sales assignments in more than 10 countries
Last Position in Schlumberger as Drilling Services Manager, manages various International Oil Companies (IOC) Drilling services operation in Malaysia and Thailand.
Currently is the Manager of Think Tank for Sarawak Energy, manage matters relating to the external technology collaborators, business partners and regulatory bodies in the areas of future energy trend and innovation.