International UNIMAS STEM EnCon2018 | 12 - 14 September 2018| Kuching, Sarawak

Workshop Speaker 2 : Dr. Rose Amnah Binti Abd. Rauf


Dr. Rose Amnah Binti Abd. Rauf
Department of Mathematics and Science Education,
Faculty of Education,
University of Malaya


The aim of the workshop is to introduce STEM Pedagogical Approach to primary science teachers. Children should be encourage to be creative and innovative in their thinking. They should also be expose the relevance of learning science for future undertaking. Teachers play an important role to impart the knowledge and inculcate the love for science. In this workshop participants will be expose to the concept of integrated STEM and will experience the learning with hands on project. How to go about scaffolding children science learning and how through the STEM pedagogical approach children learn the process of learning and thinking. Participants will be exposed to the concept of STEM and the underpinning theory. Participants will be given problem/task to solve using the ‘engineering design process’ and are expected to produce a product/prototype which they will have to test and improve. During the process of developing the product/prototype they will be expected to identify the science and mathematics concept that will be used and facilitators will ask probing question as stimulus. The approach of the workshop is experiencing the way to do it if they want to execute it in schools.
Even though the workshop is for primary science teachers it is also suitable for secondary teachers, educators as it is applicable in any level.

Educational Qualifications
PhD, Science Education (2005), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
MSc. Science Education, Warwick University, United Kingdom
BSc. Science with Education, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

Areas of Expertise
Social Sciences, Education (science process skills, science education, chemistry education, stem education,learning environment, assessment and evaluation)

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