Conference on IT in Asia 2019

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Click on the title to download the slides by our keynote and invited speakers during CITA '19:

Dr James Thom : Big Data and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Benefits and Risks for Human Society

Assoc Prof Dr Xiuzhen Jenny Zhang : Combating Misinformation on the Social Media

Dr Mazlan Abbas : Where Are We in the Industrial Revolution?

Mr Yap Thiah Huat : Artificial Intelligence in Image Processing Technology for Commercial Applications 




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About CITA

The International Conference on IT in Asia (CITA) is a regular series of biennial conferences being held for the purpose of bringing together researchers and professionals to share and exchange ideas and information pertaining the roles of ICTs within the prevailing challenges of development faced by this region. This international forum was introduced and organised by the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak with the main aim of investigating how technology can be adapted to address local needs as well as bringing technology within the reach of local communities. Although CITA is a multi-track conference, covering various fields such as data mining, high performance computing, image processing, distributed computing, language technology, wired and wireless technologies et cetera, it always had a single broad theme during each run. Participating researchers and industry practitioners has benefited from the sharing of ideas and the opportunity to collaborate with experts from both the industry and academia.

The themes for the previous CITAs:

  • CITA'17 : Technology Transforming Lives
  • CITA'15 : Transforming Big Data into Knowledge
  • CITA'13 : Smart Devices Trend: Technologising Future Lifestyle
  • CITA'11 : Emerging Convergences and Singularity of Forms
  • CITA'09 : Towards Human-centered Computing
  • CITA'07 : Social Computing: Engaging Communities
  • CITA'05 : Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing: Computing Anytime, Anywhere for Everyone
  • CITA'03 : Transforming Knowledge into Insight
  • CITA'01 : Advanced ICT for the New Millenium
  • CITA'99 : Information Equality in the Next Millenium

The quality of the submitted papers are assured to be of a high standard. Submission of a full paper is required and will undergo a strict reviewing process by the chosen international programme committee. In the last five conferences, the full paper submissions and acceptance rates were as follows:

  • CITA'17: 113 full papers submitted (48% acceptance rate)
  • CITA'15: 85 full papers submitted (34.1% acceptance rate)
  • CITA'13: 82 full papers submitted (29.3% acceptance rate)
  • CITA'11: 117 full papers submitted (38.9% acceptance rate)
  • CITA'09: 138 full papers submitted (36.9% acceptance rate)
  • CITA'07: 160 full papers submitted (27.5% acceptance rate)
  • CITA'05: 156 full papers submitted (38.5% acceptance rate)