2019 International UNIMAS STEM 12th Engineering Conference (EnCon) | 28 - 29 August 2019| Kuching, Sarawak

Keynote Speaker 3 : Raymond Maurice Stephan Bujang

Raymond Maurice Stephan Bujang
Assistant Director, STEM Education Coordinator
Academic Management Sector
Sarawak State Education Department
Ministryof Education
STEM Education Policy from MOE Perspective: Current Outlook and Way Forward
STEM Education Policy from MOE Perspective
MOE Malaysia is currently promoting STEM for all with effective STEM programmes that engage and inspire students of all abilities and interest. This is to nurture STEM-literate students who are capable of logical thinking, adept at using technology, have the skills to solve problems, innovate, create new ideas, design or invent new products. These skills shall be acquired through an integrated learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and a teaching and learning process that apply the real world context through open-ended exploration and hands-on approach. This presentation explains the importance of STEM education and the initiative to strengthen STEM education by MOE Malaysia in preparing students for the 21st century and 4th Industrial Revolution.
Best Practices in STEM Education - Initiative by SED, MOE Malaysia
The Sarawak Education Department is working hand in hand with all the relevant stakeholders with regards STEM Education in Sarawak. The aim is to promote and create a conducive environment and ecosystem for the learning of STEM Education in schools especially through inquiry based learning, problem based learning and project based learning. The application of STEM Education can also be implemented in real life situation, science practical works and experiments, hands on activities, interactive games and fun learning. The planning comprises academic programmes (teaching and learning in the classroom), co-curriculum activities (STEM Club, Robotic Club, Innovation Club, etc) and extra classes (remedial, enrichment, prep classes). Operational part and execution of STEM Education initiative will involve teachers, students, school heads, support staffs, parents, community and community leaders. This will create a holistic ecosystem to the whole initiative of STEM Education.