eBKF8: Indigenous Indigenous People and the Sustainable Development Goals

Many indigenous populations of Borneo share common lifestyles and cultures, yet they are separated from each other through the creation of international borders which have led to the creation of new barriers to the on-going connections which have existed between them for generations. With recent development in ICTs, this gap can be bridged, and enable these isolated communities to share their knowledge and achievements so that they can support each other. Given the commonality of lifestyles, challenges and opportunities faced by Borneo’s indigenous peoples, it is time to (re)foster interconnections between them. This is by leveraging on sharing of ideas, experiences and accomplishments that have been achieved by some of the communities. This is so that others who are less fortunate can also benefit. 

This unique conference, presents opportunities for addressing questions such as what, if any, are the challenges created by the border that inhibit the development aspirations of local communities? Do policy differences hinder jointly promoted development interventions? Does the border hinder communication and collaboration between families and friends? Are there opportunities    inherent within the national differences across the border that can be exploited for mutual benefit? What is – and could be – the role of recent digital economy initiatives in overcoming inhibitors and exploiting opportunities? To what extent do any differences affect their potential for cross-border cooperation and collaboration. 

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