Bakelalan, Sarawak, Malaysia

Bakelalan (formerly Ba’Kelalan) is the most important of the Lun Bawang settlements in the northern highlands. The village is famous for its apples and organic vegetables, and for the local musicians and their ‘bamboo bands’. The village is connected to Lawas and Miri by air, and it is also possible to travel to Lawas via an old logging road.

About 1000 meters above sea level is the village of Bakelalan, located deep in the Kelabit Highlands of north eastern Sarawak Borneo. A total of nine villages are found spread out in the Maligan Highlands which is home to the ethnic Lun Bawang people here.

One of the main natural homegrown industries here is also the highland salt, otherwise known as Bakelalan salt which is produced here. The history of the Bakelalan salt goes back hundreds of years ago when hunters noticed animals drinking water from a salt spring. The salt has become one of the community produce where around 20 families from here take turns to process and produce it by boiling spring water to extract the iodine-rich salt.

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