Long Lamai, Sarawak, Malaysia

Long Lamai (alternatively spelt Lamei) is one of the most progressive Penan communities in the upper reaches of Sarawak’s Baram river basin. It’s a settlement whose residents are a mixture of those who still farm from dawn till dusk, and those who travel frequently to cities like Miri to make a living. Located in the remote highlands of Sarawak near the border of Kalimantan, Indonesia, travelling to the settlement takes eight hours on rough logging roads and an hour of hiking through the dense rainforest.

With the help of support groups and Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, the settlement, which ceased to be nomadic decades ago, has one of the oldest primary schools in these remote areas. It will soon have an information technology centre, complete with computers and access to the internet.

It also has seen the return of some elders who had spent many years in the cities. These elders have come back to retire in their village, and will be able to give valuable advice and support to the community. There may also be plans in the long run to arm themselves with the knowledge and tools for greater self-sufficiency, such as by exploring eco-tourism.


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